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1937 Desoto Convertible


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Figured i would show you guys what else is going on in my neck of the woods...


I bought this car when i was about 19. its was sitting since 59 in Virginia.the guy i bought it from said honeymoons bought the car drove accross the country and back and that was the end of the story. some how it made its way to Pittsburgh where I bought it.The car is 99 % complete minus the rumble seat step and the desoto badge on the nose of the car. I had it running when i first got the car but no brakes and the clutch was not working well. The car has a cigar lighter, radio(working somehow) ,running lights on the fenders an over drive transmission .It was originally a silver car with a green leather interior.

also here is a link to my website with more pictures of the car

1937 Desoto Convertible…. | Flop Custom

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Guest ArtFull

I just picked up a 1938 Dodge D8 coupe.50,000 original. Get to work on this car right away.So far I have driven to two car shows. If I go slow, you don't have to worry about the brakes.Time for a new master cylinder.Later.

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