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Parts for 20 & 22 Dodge Brothers Touring Cars

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I am looking for the following parts:

1920 Dodge Brothers Touring Car

Top irons, 2 rear fenders, 2 priming cups, 3 - 25" straight side rims.

1922 Dodge Brothers Touring Car

Top irons, coil and distributor unit, radiator.

If you have any of these parts for sale or have any leads for me it would certainly be appreciated.

Best regards,


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Is your 22 an early or late model? Does the cowl measure the same as your 20 and are the windshield post the same or is the cowl taller and wider with a curved bottom windshield? Late 22 was just like the 23's. Early 22 will have a radiator just like your 20. Late 22 like a 23.

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Hello Bob,

Received the rims. I am in the process of restoring them as I write this. Please let me know if you come across any of the other items I am looking for. Thanks again.


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A buddy of mine has parts for a 1922 Dodge Brothers Touring for sale. I will see if I can get a list of what he has if you are still looking.

Thanks Kenny, I appreciate your help.

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