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PCV grommets

Guest Recian

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Im curious if anyone's found replacement grommets for the 2 ends of the PCV on the intake and the front valve cover? part numbers/manufacturer would be good too if you know them. I had to take mine out to powder coat my parts when i tore the engine down and the grommets desenigrated in my hand

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Here's the part numbers:

01381487 grommet $8.46 ( round flat washer type - bottom )

25536368 grommet $4.46 ( small rubber hose type - top )

25098058 PVC valve $11.42 ( AC DELCO )

These are GM part numbers from the spares I purchased ( Nov. 2008 ).

Hope this helps. :D

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Sorry, no luck on the valve cover grommet. The parts guy should be able to find it for you. If not, try GM Parts Direct on-line. :)

Did find a few other part numbers for you and other Members:

GM intake manifold gasket kit complete--12329240-- $45.71 It also incudes all of the gaskets & o-rings for the throttle body assembly and EGR.

NAPA ( FEL-PRO ) valve cover gaskets--VS 50080 R-- $11.49

NAPA ( FEL-PRO ) valve cover bolt grommet set--ES 72833-- $8.49

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im gona have to go aftermarket. Luckily the tube type grommet is still available through GMPD however the lower gasket and v/c one are not available. I think i can use a generic one however.

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