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Guest radioman1490

Thanks for looking!

Over 5000 vacuum tubes for sale in my collection.

If you are in need of replacement vacuum tubes, capacitors, or help with a dead vintage car radio please contact me.

#1. I am not a radio business. I am an experienced hobbiest that has a fantastic supply of antique and vintage radio parts and supplies.

#2 feel free to send me with tube wants or radio parts wants home, automobile and phonograph.

#3 if I or you have a schematic of the set you are having problems with chances are I can fix it. I would ask that you please pay postage both ways and if I cannot repair the set you will not be charged any amount of money for diagnosis or labor. this is a hobby of mine and a great way to help other people in the hobby.

send your needs and we can decide if we can help.

Thanks and happy motoring!

Rich Saullo

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