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1949 (Plymouth) DeSoto Custom coupe

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I have for sale a "Second Series" 1949 DeSoto Custom 2dr coupe. It is in pieces, although everything is there. Has a straight six engine, with FluidDrive transmission. Aftermarket "Bedknob" front and rear bumper attachments, lighted hood ornament, along with a VERY RARE piece of chrome surrounding the license plate.

For a little bit of history. . .

Manufactured by Plymouth (a brand of Chrysler), the DeSoto line was released as a separate marque of the Plymouth division. 1949 was the first year for the DeSoto's to come with STANDARD key ignition. There were two different sub-models: The Deluxe and the Custom. After the first half of 1949, a new Deluxe and Custom were released, and labeled the "Second Series." The straight six produces 109 bhp at 3,900 RPM.

If you would like to know more about this rare piece of Automotive history, please feel free to e-mail me at, or leave a reply below.


Zachary Vermilion











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Just a small correction...Plymouth and DeSoto have always been separate. Plymouth never made DeSoto and vice versa. They were always divisions of Chrysler Corporation since their beginnings in late 1928 designated as 1929 models. I know it's picky, but since you brought it up, I thought I would add my input. John

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Guest BJM

Well I would not mind grabbing a DeSoto Club coupe to go with my 49 New Yorker Club coupe but it's hard to wrap my head around the disassembly of the car. I am too far away to think about buying it.

I had a 49 Buick 2 door Sedanette Roadmaster I had to give up on that had been completely disassembled like this one. (Marriage problems)

I bought it as a solid non running project for $2200 and sold for less then half of that off an ebay auction so, not sure what your expectations are but if at all possible I would try to put it together.

There is always someone that will buy these but the price will reflect effort to move...

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What kind of money are you wanting for it as I would like to have one but it would have to be some what assembled before I could bring it home.

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Its easy to do when taken completely apart,it took me over 20 years to get my 37 Chevy p/u back togather and will never take one that far apart again but if this one is cheap I might consider it since I don think its too far from me. If I were to buy this one I would have to assemble it so it looks like a complete car before it could sit in my driveway or the city would be on me quick.

I guess this is the literal example of a "stalled" restoration.


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