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1949 Roadmaster Front Fenders


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I have two sets of 1949 front fenders for the Series 70 Roadmaster. One set is NOS or NORS that I purchased some years ago. They NOS pair is very solid but do not include the part that welds on to the lower edget that sits in front of the wheel. The trim holes aren't punched out either which someone told me was because these were meant to repair a car and the trim holes would have been drilled later to make sure they aligned. When I bought them they were both in factory primer but I stripped one down at one point to start working on it but never got very far.

The other set is a used set off a parts car. This set is pretty solid but has some filler on them that someone put on to smooth out the ripples and dents. I don't think there is any filler there for rust however. I think if they were stripped, a body expert could probably make them look fine.

I'm in the Detroit Metro area and I would prefer pick up only. I don't really want to ship them. I will help deliver them within an hour or so from where I live. For the NOS pair, I'm asking $500 and for the used pair $250.

I can provide pictures if anyone is interested.

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