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Window channel rivet replacement


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Hi all,

I am rechroming my side window frames on my 50 Buick convertable and need to R&R the rivets. All I have is an old Craftsman rivet tool that won't fit down in the channels. Some of these rivets look as if they are almost flush mount.

Does anyone have advice on an economical way to replace these? I went to the Big Flats rivet Co. web site but don't want to buy a bunch of tools if I can get something universal that will work.



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Guest martylum

Hi-I've relined vent window glass channels and found the nose of the pop rivet gun won't reach down in the channel. Go to the hardware store and buy a box of those small rivet washers in the rivet section. Stack a batch of them together and you'' have a nose extender which will reach into the bottom of the glass channels.

Martin Lum

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