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Pre Hershey Sale 28-32 Packard Parts


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Have a ton of Packard Parts I am looking to get rid of prior to Hershey. I have more than I could easily bring out in a trip. I don’t have an accurate inventory of what I have (some years / models are unknown). We know the bulk of my parts were from 28-32 (some were older, some were newer) Here is an idea of some of the things :

2 Shutters, Radio, 4 drums - Real nice condition, 1 Set of Sidemount Arms, Luggage Rack (29-31), Luggage Rack Arms, 1 Set Luggage Rack Rails, Side Mount Tire Cover, 2 Sidemount hub covers, 2 Lightbars, 1 Bijur Pump or Tank,<O:p</O:p

Some bumpers, Stone Guards for 31 and one for a 32, Trunk Lid, 1 Disk wheel and trim ring, 3 sets of hoods, 4 19 inch Packard Wire Wheels and rings, 2 19 inch Wire Wheels and rings (not sure what they go to), 4 Rear Doors (believe most of the guts are still present aswell as trim panel), 1 Front Door, Steering Column with wheel, Steering Wheel, Horn, Toolbox, Air Cleaner, Distributor Caps, Radiator Inlet Covers, Parking Brake Handle Parts, Headlamps (Probably 4 or 5 sets), Gas Tank Cover, 2 Tail light trim bezels, Jack Parts, Fan Blade<O:p</O:p

Running Board Moldings, 13 Various Fenders - 1 is def a NOS (still has the paper), 2 others are tagged NOS but may be early take offs


A video walkthrough can be seen at

. The only thing that has been sold since the time this video was taken was the 2 tires. I’m hoping to have someone within driving distance of Northwest NJ purchase because I cannot ship this. Make me an offer on some or all.
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Ok here is what it looks like to me restorer32. All my bumpers appear to be 4 1/8th inch wide. Then the measurements from center of the eye to center of the eye is:

66 3/4th - have 2 of these

61 1/2 - have 2 of these

65 1/2 - have 1 of these

The measurements I have provided appear to be correct. I was out in the rain working by myself. If there is a slight discrepency with the measurement let me know and I will double check. Let me know if any of these are right and I will work with my father in law on a price. Here are some pictures as well...not the best as the weather is not great here. Thanks. Mike




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No problem restorer32. Good luck in your search for the bumper. I had one other set that sold already and that went to a 32. If you need anything else please let me know.

West I have 4 19 inch Packard wire wheels left....and 2 other that we're not sure what they go to because they have a larger hub opening. Of the 4 here is their descriptions, hopefully the pictures describe the issues:

-2 of them, someone elongated the valve stem openings - my father in law could fix these.

-1 has a piece missing along the edge - I think my father in law said this should be sold as a parts wheel. Don't recall if he said he could fix it

-1 appears to be ok.

I do have trim rings for all these. How would you be looking for the rims? As-Is or repaired? Let me know and I will talk to my father in law.

Had you seen my post last Oct / Nov I had more rims without any issues. I also had a real nice set of 6 mounted with tires, but those went almost as soon as I got them.




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Looking for $8500.00 or best reasonable offer for the whole lot. If the whole lot doesn’t sell I will bring some to Hershey. Not all will fit in my truck so if there is anything you may be interested in, PM me and I will try to get it on the truck to Hershey. Will post my location there prior to heading out. Thanks.

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My location at Hershey will be C3L17 through 25. I will be out there Tuesday afternoon and will stay until Friday pm. I will be loading up whatever I can fit into the truck Monday afternoon. If anyone is coming through the Northwest NJ area and wants to see / buy any or all of the items prior to getting out to Hershey I can make arrangements. Thanks….see you there.

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