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Attaching 9mm Plug Wires


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I am just finishing up putting the new wiring harness in the '13 Stude and I need a little education/ideas please.

The car has 9mm wires and a Splitdorf mag/distributor. The wire ends for the dist are the type with a bakelite end with a threaded insert. You strip a little wire, put it in the bakelite and screw it down over a standing threaded post on the distributor.

What I need to understand is how to make sure that connection is good. Half the time I can pull the wire out of the bakelite after it is attached. It looks like the mechanical attachment theory is to mash the wire strands against the threads of the post as you tighten them but I am not very successful with this.

How much wire should I strip? Should I twist the strands into a wire shape or leave loose? Too much doesn't work either but most of the time the post just pushes the wire up and out of the way as it threads on. Is there some trick to this or just keep trying until they grab?

Thanks for your help-

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Sometimes these can be a little troublesome. I leave about 3/8" of wire, stick it through the the bakelite terminal and make sure the strands are splayed out so that you will never catch any of the strands being too close together. You may have to do this a couple of times before they catch. I always give a little tug on the wire to make sure it has a good connection.

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