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Fuses for 27 Buick

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I'm re-wiring my 27 Buick Woodie Wagon and am going to install a fuse panel up under dash. It is 6 volt. What size fuses should I use for:

Directional lights

Stop Light

Head Lights

Parking Lights

Electric Fuel pump


Thanks for any help Steve

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I haven't found what i've seen before a long time ago... but I did find some fuse sizes for 12v older volkswagons... (just double the amperage for 6v.) so 6v headlights 20 amp. taillights 10 amp. stoplights 10 amp. dash 5 amp. horn 20 amp. not sure about the fuel pump. maybe a 20 amp will do. these are just a guess at this time. you can play it safe and use lower amperage fuses... if it doesn't blow go to the next lower amperage. if it does blow perhaps you went too far. I will be doing the same added fuse wiring to some of my cars in the future because one master fuse (like on my '41 de soto) needs a little better protection. (besides it still has its original wiring.) and a circuit breaker instead of a fuse for the headlights is a good idea. (maybe a good idea for each circuit...)

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