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Spread the word: Reatta.org Windshield Cards


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I have had a card printed up for the times when you see a Reatta you haven't seen before. It says "Hey, Nice Car!" on the front, and on the back has info about joining the Reatta Division of the BCA. It's perfect to go under the windshield wiper when the car is parked.

Just send me a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope and tell me how many you'd like. They'll go out right away.

Also, if you're not a member, check us out at Reatta Division of the Buick Club of America - Home



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Guest 1991Reatta

Hey Bob

How do you get your post to stay on the 1st page? I would like to have my Reatta book post stay there. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards Gary

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Not much interest in Reattas here where I live. I've only talked to two Reatta owners in person since I bought my car in 2007. One of them has three Reattas and none of them will run. I told him to go to my website to get help fixing them. He said he didn't have Internet service. I gave him my number and offered to help. He never called me back.

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If you haven't seen any Reattas, or have no interest in Reattas, there is no need for these cards. (Not quite sure why the last two posts are there). I've been through 2 print runs and am happy to send them to the people who request them and actually want to use them. Thanks!

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