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1925 Fisher Body Coach window crank


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Just came back from my weekly 10+ mile run in my 1925 Dodge Brothers "Fisher Body" Coach. Unfortunately my driver side window crank broke. I checked a few Dodge Brothers parts suppliers but they don't have the style that is on my car. Most Dodge Brothers bodies were made by Budd. Dodge Brothers sold the Fisher Coach body only in 1925 and 1926.

A few years ago, I found 3 interior door levers in a pile of Chevrolet parts. I'm guessing that some Fisher Body parts were common on the Coach models made for both Chevrolet and Dodge Brothers. Any suggestions where I can obtain one of these cranks?




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If you can't find one through a swap meet or something and you'd like to get a good reproduction, I can recommend this company. I've bought some things from them for my Durant and the quality is excellent. They are in Australia but I had no problem with my orders and they always arrive in excellent shape. If you go to the web site, hit the catalog button and it will show you the various parts they make for the cars. I did not check out the Dodge or Chrysler section, but they might have what you want. They are cast out of stainless steel and are polished when you get them. Has the look of nickel on them.


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