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1964 KX 425 For Sale

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I have a 64 425 KX engine for sale. It came from a rusty 64 Riviera that Iparted out. It needs a complete rebuild, and has a crack in the block behind the starter. This can be fixed without welding. The engine is complete from acorn nut to oil pan. I even have the throttle linkage and kick down solenoid. The carbs are in good shape, not like some of the rusty junk found on ebay. The engine did run when I got it. When I took it apart I found a broken piston. The engine is bolted together for pictures, the pistons and rods are not installed. The air cleaner is a good ten footer. It would need to be plated for show, but can be used as-is. I'm asking $1,500 for the whole deal, and will include the BN code turb 400. The dual quad set up is worth this much alone.

I will also be parting with my 65 Riv project. I don't have time anymore for projects. It's currently completely apart down to a rolling chassis with the block and trans stil in place. I have notes and over 200 pictures of the process. It's got a 401 with the deluxe interior, power windows and seat, rear fold up arm rest. Decent dark green interior and was originaly light green outside. Has road wheels. Former owner wanted to paint it black, so everything is painted black. Not a rust bucket. The worst part was under the seats. I bought a complete section from CA with the floor and both crossmembers. I haven't installed it, but have removed most of the old stuff.

I have almost $1,500 in OPG and Rock Auto parts to go with it along with what I have left from the 64. I would like to get $4,750 for the car and parts. I would put it back together for a serious buyer. Pictures on request.

The engine and car are in Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917










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