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This is a solid 1954 Buick 2-door hardtop, the car was painted years ago, and put back inside and the trim was never put back on the car, the car has sat for years and the paint would buff out and be very presentable, but not show quality. The trim is all there except the portholes. The car does have a cracked windshield, but it does come with a good replacement. The car is a Power brake, Power steering and factory Air car, and the air system is complete.The bumpers are all good, and the floors are solid. The car did run when parked, and should run with a little tinkering. This car would be all together and running and driving with just a few weeks work.

$3,200 obo call Larry 319-231-4331





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Yes, I believe that is a 1957 rear. That is why I hesitated to say that perhaps the seller was totally getting out.

In reviewing the 54 Buick information on the 54 Buick site, if I understand it, this was originally 100% arctic white or was the roof a different color?

I have never seen an arctic white "body". Lots of 54 Buick tops, with different colored bottoms.

I like the blue color of the interior. This would need a repaint in my opinion.

I have 2 Buicks and so have enough. I told an old car friend that this is God's work. I get some neat cars, then some cool ones pop up that I have been looking for (such as the 2 recent 62 Wildcats I have posted). I'm not budging this time.

I think these prices are a tad high, so let's get some offers in for this seller and find these 2 fantastic Buicks new homes before winter. (50 Roadmaster Sedanette and this Super)

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This could make an even half dozen for you Mr. Earl or have I lost count somewhere along the line. Get em while you're young and still employed, work on em when you 're retired. Strange I saw the ad for the '57 before I saw the one for the '54 and I thought here'll be another addition to the "Beautiful Gardens Collection" and a worthy candidate at that. I'd prefer the '57 myself but the shipping would kill the budget for my '34. Mark

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You wrote- MORE NEWS and views on this AC Super. El Diablo remembered this car being on ebay several years ago and emailed me some additional pictures. Appears from the data plate it was originally Arctic White,

Certainly this wasn't an all white car? Never seen one of those. Blue dash, etc. I like that color blue so that would be a nice lower body color. Can you confirm the lower body color or that it was originally all white?

How about all white with wire wheels? That would be cool.

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based on the data plate it was one color, 02, Arctic White. More 54's were ordered in Arctic White than any other color, followed by Condor Yellow, Willow Green, Malibu Blue and Black, in that order. BTW, how long have you been color blind. That interior is about as green as the Green Giant. :D

but yea, a set of Kelsey Hayes would look good on a long white 54 Super.:)

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I guess. I had to look real close though, kind of an aqua green/blue.

Do you run many red lights:rolleyes::D Just pickin at ya Jake, just pickin at ya. :)

In case anybody needs help imagining what a drop dead gorgeous car this car could be restored to it's original condition, please see below. You'll still have to imagine it without one of the 4 portholes, but.......

and Jake....this is "blue" ;)






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