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Rare 1931 Nash Coupe, Model 892 - Last known whereabouts in Germany


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If any forum users in Germany know the whereabouts of a rare, unrestored original 1931 Nash Model 892 Coupe, black in color, with a rear mounted spare tire and trunk, I would appreciate hearing from you. I consummated a deal to buy this car from a seller in Germany, made a down payment, and the seller sold the car out from under me to another party.:mad: My down payment has never been refunded. I believe the car is still in Germany. Perhaps someone in the Nash Car Club knows the car or its whereabouts. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

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</CENTER><CENTER>31_892nm.jpg</CENTER><CENTER>1931 "Eight-90" Twin Ignition 8 cyl, Rumble Seat Coupe.

</CENTER><CENTER>Model 892R.

</CENTER><CENTER>Here is a picture of my car, finished after 15 years of restoration and collecting missing parts. When I found the car it was a wreck with no parts. The car is originally sold as new in here in Sweden.


</CENTER><CENTER>Lasse Holmkvist

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Guest Dave Boyer

Oh, just what I need, to see a picture of... one of the loves of my life.

The 1929, 460 coupe is my absolute favorite car of all time.

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Dave, this should make you drool, then, complete with LaLique (sp?) mascot. I reckon I see

why you like it. This one looks too nice to drive which is a shame.!


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