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removing gas tank gauge ring (late '16)


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Hi all,

I recently acquired an intact (!!!) gas tank gauge that I believe will fit my '16. It looks like it has the DB logo on it, but too dirty to tell. I am wondering if anyone has a "secret trick" for loosening the knurled retaining cap. So far I have doused it with penetrating oil, soaked the unit in hot water (don't want to break the glass) and gently squeezed it (working my way around the rim) with my mini-mill's machinist's vice (very smooth, parallel jaws so I don't damage the knurling) hoping to break the rust loose. so far nada. . .

Someone un-soldered the gauge from a tank many many moons ago, so it's easy to work around.

Anyone have some hints??


David D.

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Heat. Since it isn't part of the tank, I would try to heat the ring up with a propane torch. Even if you can't grab it to turn while it is hot, the thermal cycling of the knurled ring relative to the tank threads may break the rust/other deposits bonding in the threads. I assume you will be putting a new gauge face in there so no worries about the graphics.

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