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Vibration in driveshaft 65 Riviera


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Look for some punch marks in the circumference of the rear flange where it bolts to the rear end. Some one may have marked it in the past if the new service did not index it.

Second, lightly loosen all the engine and transmission mounts bolts. Start the car and let it run a bit and tighten. Sometimes guys put stress on the parts during assembly.


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On one of the '65's I owned, I had to replace all the u- joints. That may be your problem. It may be one or more of them. Good luck, and keep us posted.

:) kaycee

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If this is a two-piece driveshaft, there might have been some shims between the carrier bearing and the frame that were lost? Might need to get the factory service manual, a magnetic circular level, and check the angularity of each shaft with the car at "ride height".

The integrity of the rubber in the center bearing might have been compromised, OR was about to be compromised before the work was done, due to age and other factors. U-joint issues (including the special "double-jointed" situation) might also be involved.

Just some thoughts,


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On another forum recently, a guy was having the same type problem. After putting it on a rack and simulating the road speeds at which he was having the problem, he found out that he had a bent rim that had a harmonic balance problem at those particular road speeds.


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