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Brass Era Cars & Parts Auction

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In case you haven't heard about it, there will be a Van Der Brink Auction near Lincoln, NE October 1st and 2nd with a massive amount of early car items. A few restored cars/several project cars/many parts(some unidentified). Homer Edmiston amassed the collection over 50 years.

The Buy/Sell Forum has a thread about it under "Homer Edmiston Auction".

I looked at a lot of the photos and there were a couple hundred wood and wire wheels; hundreds of brass carbs; engines; brass lamps; a 1902-ish Leland & Faulconer Body Tag*; Brush cars and parts; Buick cars(1910 Model 16 2-passenger, 1910 Mod. F, 1914 Mod. 25); Cadillac cars(1907 Mod. K, 1908 1-Cyl.) and parts; a 1912 Cartercar; a 1905 1-Cyl. Reo; a 1907 Mod. RS Maxwell; a 1915 Metz; a 1904 Oldsmobile Mod. 6C; and Overland cars(1912, 1913 & 1917). There's even an unfinished 1906 Model "N" Ford.

I wish I could go and bring a couple of semis to load up....but cannot afford to. Maybe someone else can, though! All auto items sell on the 1st, household goods on the 2nd.


* What could THAT be from?

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