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Inspired by a historic, 1948 Buick photo . . . we shot some new ones!

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Last Sunday, I organized an event for owners of 1959 General Motors passenger cars in my area. We called it:

"Imagination in Motion" -- the GM Five for '59

At the tour conclusion, some of us traveled to the 1948-vintage Mueller-Harkins Buick building, which is sadly falling into a state of disrepair.

Remembering this 1948 image of the building's ramps to service areas and roof-top parking, I thought it would be fun to shoot some of our own photos.


So, with a group of four 1959 Buicks and Karen Bernard's willingness to back up the steep ramp with her beautiful, all-original LeSabre, we created the following fun photos.




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stealthbod and The Dude, these look great! Thanks so much for investing the time to add a cool historic appearance to the image.

You are right, Bob, those ramps are steep, so it was a little risky to trust the parking brakes and park position to hold these cars in place.

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