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Ethanol, Unleaded and Old Cars


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I looked back over a month, and couldn't find anything, so thought I'd ask. I have a 1918 Dodge, 1924 Dodge and a 1928 Whippet. What problems, if any, will ethanol - based gasoline do to these cars? Are there any changes we can make to the engines to accomodate the newer gas? What about lead - based additives, now that we have unleaded gas? I'm just starting to restore these cars, and now would be a good time to know what I need to do. Willy

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Go back a little further in the technical section of this forum Willy, and you will find more on this subject than you probably have time to read. If you do not have that kind of time here are a couple quick thoughts:

If you can find ethonal free gas, buy it, otherwise try to use gas within a month or so, or use a quality stabilizer.

Lead came out well after any of your cars were manufactured, I would not worry about this in your era cars.

Simillarly, rubber components in your fuel systems are probably minimal, but be sure to upgrade any of those with new materials designed to handle today's garbage gas.

Not sure if any have a gas gauge, the Whippet might - which would use a cork float. Be sure to protect that as well.

You may get away with minimal problems given the era of your cars - I know a Model A will run on basically anything including Kerosine and much ot the issues suffered by later eras will not impact you.

Good luck on these cars -

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Biggest problem I have is the alcohol frees up the vanish left in the tank from

old gas. That varnish appears in your float bowl and filter if you have one (and you should). The alcohol or othe chemicals also will slowly eat you rubber sections of your fuel line and the residue may end up sticking your needle and seat or clogging your jets.

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