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Andrew Mellon 1929 J Duesenberg sells


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A friend of mine just sold his Duesenberg J Limo originally owned by Andrew Mellon after 49 years of ownership. All I can say is that it is headed to Chicago and I must keep the parties anonymous. I took these pics a few weeks ago. I didn't know a deal was in the works at the time and just wanted to share the pics with members here that may appreciate Duesenbergs.







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So if your friend has any Auburns for sale let me know before Gullwing So I'll have a chance to buy one:D. Seems all the cars out there are being bought by dealers then regergitated out to us collectors. The worst part is the dealers rarely do anything to the car except make it more expensive for the collector to purchase. It wouldn't be as bad if they serviced them. Got them running, detailed them etc. Like I'm sure the rest of us usually do with our cars.

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Here is the Duesey at Gullwing.

1930 Used Duesenberg Model J Sedan at Gullwing Motor Cars Inc. Serving Astoria, NY, IID 7570989

Looks like they bought my friend's '56 Cadillac convertible too. I didn't even notice it missing when I was there yesterday.


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Guest De Soto Frank

I wonder if the upholstery is original... looks too "generic" to be 1930 limo treatment to my eyes...

I did notice that it is wearing "authentic" double-white-wall tires...

As for dealers, I'm sure they won't turn-down a "flip"...

Hopefully the days of cars like this getting re-bodied into "more desireable" open cars are over...

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That car was completely gone through in the early 1960's. At that time it resided near Akron, Ohio and was painted by another Duesenberg owner in Youngstown, Ohio. The color was supposedly Studebaker Scotsman green. The interior is all wrong, but the owner didn't care, he did it "his way." The car had been owned by the same person for almost 50 years before its recent sale.

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My friend has a few '30's cars done with the same interior motif. Pleated tan leather seats and panels. He has a rare '36 Chevy 3 window coupe that is getting the same treatment. A LeBaron-Bonney mohair or broadcloth interior would be more suited in my opinion.

It's all done in the same house now but Hampton Coach does all the Chevy work

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