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Irene on Long Island

Guest Double M

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Guest Double M

Thanx to everyone that sent emails concerned about me during the storm. I was lucky but many were not. Our Beaches have been ravaged and there are alot of people without power. I recently discovered an owner with 2 Red Reattas near the bay in a nearby town and have no idea if they are okay. Hope everyone is well and good ridence to Irene!315342_10150370048237316_755087315_9983504_5119102_n.jpg

No hurricane stops me from scooting around!


Well, maybe it stops me from going down this street!


This just missed this person house, a few blocks away from the Ranch.


The Ranch... with auxillary electric feeding the neighbors house...

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Close to the same damage around here. I was pretty lucky too. I'm far enough inland that it didn't get too close. But still a ton of rain and high wind. The NC coast got it really bad though. a place that I vacation at with the family every year was flooded. We're due to go there in a couple weeks. Hopefully our place wasn't damaged too bad..

Several trees down in my neighborhood, though no Reattas were hurt at my place. Did loose the eucalyptus tree that I was growing quite fond of. :(

Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers. All is well here, but folks on the coast are still having it really rough.

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