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1923 Buick Model 23-35 touring ?

Guest M35a2c

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Guest M35a2c

My father purchased a 1923 Buick before he passed away and I am trying to find out some more information on it and also where the best place/forum is to offer it for sale.

From what I have researched it has a model 23-35, 4 cylinder touring. I also found it possibly having the name 'phantom'.

Any information you can send my way would be appreciated.






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From "Seventy Years of Buick by George Dammann". The 4-cylinder line received some welcome redesigning, and the appearance was much improved over what it had been in 1922. The Model 23-35 Touring, which was now priced at $885. It weighed 2,520 lbs, and used the 109 inch wheelbase chassis. Buick built 36,935 for domestic sales, but only 63 for export.

Your car looks to be generally unmolested except for paint, which is incorrect. Do you have the bows and top for the car? A close up of the wheels are needed also. What does the interior look like? We need that information to give you an idea as to it value.

Here is a side shot of an almost correct model 35. Not sure about the paint color. But you get the idea.

062 Gateway - 010 - 1923 Buick Model 23-4-35 restored 03781 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Guest M35a2c

Thanks for the information. Here is a picture of the wheels, I will take a closer picture if there is something specific you are looking for. Interior is in good condition and appears to be complete.

I do have the bows, and bumpers, and crank. The top material is not in good condition but could be used as a pattern if someone needed one.

A couple of the doors do not appear to close or 'fit' properly and it looks like they were not aligned correctly when the car was painted or just need adjusted.

I did go through some of the basics and it will run but only as long as the fuel that I pour in the fuel pump. The pump will pull fuel from the tank but it is not enough to keep the engine running.

Thanks again for the help!



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Sounds like the fuel system needs a cleaning and inspection. The vacuum units work just fine. I would take off the tank and top and inspect the gaskets. They are available for a few dollars or you can make your own. You may have a vacuum leak and thus are unable to pull gas from the main tank. Also the main tank has a metal cloth filter, and it might be clogged with rust, etc. Here are a couple of web sources.

Vacuum Tank Rebuilding Kits - The Classic Preservation Coalition

and here is a very good discussion by Grimy in this AACA forum link.


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Thanks for the links. The replacement of the seals and gaskets does not look to be to difficult.

I already checked and cleaned the filter that is in the fuel tank and flushed the tank out of any loose items and old gas.

I was told the shorter wheelbase Buicks are comparable in price to the Model T's, is that a good comparison?


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Here is a link to the Buick Club's judging manual which lists factory exterior colours, amongst other things. http://www.buickclub.org/BCA%20JUDGING%20MANUAL/BCAjudgingrev2.pdf Looks as if the standard finish for the 4 cylinder touring models was black. Remember this was before the advent of Duco colours so, as Henry Ford found, black was the fastest drying colour and would have been used for the volume selling models. By the way, phaeton is just a pretentious name for touring car.

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