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harry yarnell

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I know this isn't Reatta related, but I'm hoping someone on this list might help me with info on this 1961 Hy-Cycle three wheeled electric mail truck.

Its made by Highway Products out of Dayton ,Ohio.

I've looked on the internet (as best I could), but found nothing.

Somebody must collect these...

I sure could use some wiring diagrams, as the early '60s electronics is a bit complex.


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Guest Mc_Reatta

You might actually not want to put it back in original condition. There have been lots of improvements to electric cars/carts since 61, and it might be cheaper, easier, and more efficient to replace old obsolete, irreparable and unobtainium parts with modern replacements if you intend to use it and not enter it into shows.

What are the specs on the running gear?

Motor, batteries, speed control/gearbox, reverse?


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Guest Richard D

In the 1960's they used maybe a three step resistor set up to control speed and a reversing switch. The modern ones use electronic speed controls (think a battery powered drill) that don't have just three speeds, continuously variable. Might be easier to wire as well. Look up golf cart parts. Should be similar drive systems.


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