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65 Water Valve


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I was in his pole barn today and told him what my problem was. He didn't say anything about having access. Must be because I'm not a commercial account.

Great time yesterday - thanks for inviting us. Barb & I both think that you have an excellent combination of house and barn. Now if you only had some model cars to decorate with.;)

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Hi Jim,

Your local auto parts store should have a listing for a valve that will work and they are dirt cheap, most likely around $25....BUT...the replacement valve will not have the groove in the valve body which indexes into the lower bracket pictured. Also, there is a clip which secures the valve from above, most are missing at this point which also indexes into the valve body in the aforementioned slot. You can pay thru the nose for the "correct" valve or buy the readily available version and grind enough clearance in the bracket for the valve body to cradle into the bracket. There is not enough material on the clip, if you have it, to do this. It is not going anywhere as it will be held in place by the heater hoses but this arrangement is not factory. Advantage is, if you need to replace the valve again, a somewhat likely scenario, then the replacement will be a 10 minute job and relatively inexpensive. Your wallet, your call,

Tom Mooney

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