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Not a Ferrari, but a Fiero GT

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Not a Ferrari, but a Fiero GT. Same look but not the same price.

This is a 1987 Fiero GT with mild California modifications. It has 17" wheels & tires, a ground effects kit, no spoiler, functional side scoops, tuned exhaust, a killer stereo, a stock 2.8L V6 with automatic, 4 wheel disc brakes, sunroof, power windows, cold A/C, nice interior, and Corvette Millennium yellow paint job. It has 119,000 careful adult driven miles. It's to small and to low for me anymore and doesn't get driven much. Needs only new home

Price only $6500 or interesting offer (like trade for an equal condition El Camino or Caballero or maybe something from the 50's)

Talk to me at 727-527-6074 or PaulDobbin@aol.com





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