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WOW! Rare Opportunity 1940 Limited

Guest BJM

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Buick | eBay=

Offered at low starting point and no reserve. Sidemounts.

West coasters, some BCA'er should grab this.

You don't see well preserved pre war projects like this one, where it has been in heated storage for 25 years.

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Nice car with a lot of potential. It will probably easily cost more than the potential $43000 value to restore it though. Sad to see a once grand automobile deteriorated to such a point. I wonder what the history is on the car.

I once passed on a 75 series '47 Cadillac sedan that was originally owned by the Frank family of the Meier & Frank department store chain. It was even more deteriorated than this car and had serious rust issues. I could have gotten it for free but the amount of investment would have been financially prohibitive for me.

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