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39 120 Auto Choke Question


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Here is one that seems to have stumped the PAC forum, so I will ask it here. :)

There is a tube that runs from exhaust manifold to auto choke unit on my '39 120 - I think this was first year for that configuration. Well, there is a small round metal plate where the tube comes out of the manifold that looks to me like it is leaking a little bit. Plate appears to have a gasket but I have not tried to remove it yet, held there by two screws.

So I have two questions - does exhaust enter the chamber where the tube comes out of and if so, is there a gasket for that?

Also, plate appears to have a pin hole in it, could it simply be rust or should it be there?

OK, one more question - what is terminology for this unit?


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I think I have attached an image of the tube as it goes into the manifold. The tube from the carb was swedged into the portion protruding from the manifold. On my car the tube from the manifiold to carb was rusted with pinholes.

Another first Packard exhaust gas recirculation for emission control, more like some type of fuel warming for better cold running and mileage improvement.

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