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Identify this Chrysler 77


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I know this is a 1930 CHRYSLER 77 but there were a few models and I am not sure which one this is. There are quite a few things that make it unique.There is an emblem on the dash that says C I 35 C W, Also I have checked alot of photos and found no pictures with the 4 parking lamps. Any ideas?







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The only unique things I see are the added upper lights. By the serial number shown, I believe your car is the '77' "Crown" four door built later in the production series with the straight louvered hood and not the pennon hood design. The '77' numbers ran from C001WP and ended with CI87DH. Some may call your a "sport sedan" because of the dual sidemount spare tires. Oh....your front bumper is upside-down and the rear bumper looks to be an upside-down 1929 bumper with the double grooves.


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It is a Fedco tag on the dash, if you look close you can see the serial number for your car stampede in the tag. It was used to identify thecar if stolen. When you try to remove the tag, the tag is destroyed.

Early production cars had the lights just below the sunvisor, later production cars had them on the cowl.

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