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2 Wooden Spoke wheels that we think are Studebaker?

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Hi, I put this up yesterday but I just cant find where it is now.

We have two wooden wheels here that we think are Studebaker only because of the S on them.

Can anyone tell us anything about them I have encluded pictures for you to look at.

thanks from Mark and Carolyn :)





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Thanks guys :) yeah they were made into a trolley for a gas axe that was hardly used and left in the shed so was always mostly out of the weather. My brother inlaw spotted them a couple of months ago and said hey they could be worth something they are very old wooden wheels. We really have not a clue about them. Thanks have a lovely day. Keep your comments coming please :)

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Attached is photo of 20 inch wood spoke wheel on my 1928 Studebaker Commander GB big six. These have a 15 inch inside diameter brake drum attached to back side. Unless your wheels have had the brake drums detached they are probably earlier version without brake drums on front wheels anyway.

If you remove the hub cap and accurately measure the hub threaded diameter and thread pitch count that will help narrow down the model they came from.

My 1928 hubs are 2.750" diam x 16 tooth per inch Right Hand thread. Earlier cars had smaller diam hubs.

In the Octogon wrench display board there is at the right end a Studebaker cap that measures 3.125" ID and I have seen others that measure 2.625" ID but don't have one to illustrate with.




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I thought I could see 23" on the tyre in the fourth thumb. If they are bigger rims they will be from something earlier than 1925. Of course a Studebaker hubcap is no guarantee that they are Studebaker wheels. I think the two wheel brake 1925 ER was the only Studebaker to use 21 inch rims. All the bigger models and subsequent fourwheel brake Dictators etc used 20s until about 1929.

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