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Need passenger side headlight.

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Guest genesmith

I have been looking for a passenger side headlight for almost 2 months. Found lots of them, priced between $200 plus and $700 plus. Makes it almost worth buying a parts car. Im looking at Chevy Silverado headlights as a replacement but I can't find any specs showing the dimentions. I also heard that some Honda Accord headlights will work but no specifics on the years and I have been unable to find any that look like a good match. any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Gene in California

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average good headlight is worth between 200-400$ and it is price advantageous to buy a parts car for a headlight if the car is (0-1000$) and there is at least 2 good headlights and taillights, wheels, etc on it. i should know, ive parted 3 cars out and always come out ahead of the cost of the car and all the parts i needed came out free in the end. cheapest one i bought was 700$ and i made double that and was able to keep a full interior and rear bumper and antenaa for my car im still finishing.

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I've got a passenger side headlight (no corner light) but am priced on the high side at $400 for one off of a 150,000 mile car that I had to part out. You can find a light for less if you check ebay everyday, some TC's were traded in the 'cash for clunkers' federal program but the parts from them are slowly drying up. The important thing to remember on the front lights is to get the plastic covers to protect them.

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