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Guest austincar6

I received this e-mail tonight. Please keep your eye open.

Hello WRG Members,

Garyl Turley called to report that one of his enclosed trailers was

stolen sometime in the last 10 days from his in-laws place on Webb Rd. It

is a light grey, 24' long, enclosed, sloped front, Hallmark trailer with a

ramp door in the back and a walk-in door on either side. It has a faded

painting of a red '57 Chevy on one side and a black one on the other. It

had parts inside that were to be

moved to his garage at home. He said

there were a lot of 1-cyl REO parts in the trailer. From what he was

telling me, it sounded like fender brackets, maybe some boxes of small

parts, i.e.- things it would take to put a car together.

If anyone sees such a trailer, call 911 and report it. The police

will take care of it from there. It took a couple of years but his last

trailer was found. Perhaps he'll get lucky with this one too. Please

"keep your eyes peeled".



I hope the trailer and its contents will be found soon,


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