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'46 Chevrolet 11/2 ton


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I have seen this truck in and around Jacksonville, Florida 2 or 3 times, now I see it for sale. I haven't called the sellers. The truck appears to have been restored? The paint (correct?) seems a little weathered, the intake and exhaust manifolds and carb have been taken off the engine for some reason and are in the cab. The steering column, speedometer, guages, floorboards, and seat are missing. They say it's a 1 1/2 ton, but I counted an extra 6 booster leafs added to the 10 leafs; 2 Ton? 1946 only? This is the number that was on the window (904) 910-6417 This is my #(904)571-7810. No price was posted.









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Guest De Soto Frank

Those are very heavy-duty wheels up front, as from a 2-ton.

As for the weathered paint, yeah... nice rust-stain stripes going down the front of the fenders from the headlights.

Check carefully around the windshield / dashboard for rust, especially the windshield frame...

Open the hood from the passenger-side: on the side of the cowl, there should be an aluminum plate about 3 inches x 4 inches - this should have a number stamped into it; this is the vehicle serial number ( what is called a "VIN Number" these days )... the rest of the info on the plate was silk screened and etched, and may be weathered away.

The number on the title had better match the number stamped on the plate.

No title, no plate - it's going to be difficult and expensive to get it titled in your name.

If it had a clear, numbers-matching title, decent tires and brakes, and you could drive it home, I'd say $2,500- $3,000 tops.

As it sits ( missing stuff from the cab, manifolds in the seat, etc. ), maybe $1,000- $1,500, assuming it has a clear title...

Bear in mind also that you will spend some bucks to put a proper platform stake body on the back, just in material cost alone.

Proceed carefully... I have one of these with a 10 ft dump-body... it's like having an elephant for a pet...

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