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King Pin set needed


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Hollander interchange came in today. Not much interchanges with anything for a 60 series buick. King pins are not even listed. Only thing that comes close is the front spindles are interchangeable between the 32 and 33 60 series.

If anyone needs help with looking up interchange parts just ask. But if you have a Buick only Buick parts from around your year interchange until 36 and later.

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Thanks guys. Rare parts wants me to send them my old ones so they can take measurements to have them made.

I lucked out and Bobs Automobilia found a set and I will have it Monday.

Now I have 2 wheel that are way out of true and 4 very new looking wide whites that are permenatley flat spotted.

They were a little small for the car, 500-18s so now to bleed some more cash to get some new 650-18s Summit racing has them from coker cheaper than coker and shipping is a lot cheaper too.

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