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Need 70 225 parts

Guest dads_70_225conv

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Guest dads_70_225conv

Per my daughter's wish, I'm restoring my father's 1970Buick Electra convertible for her Sept 10th wedding.

Not show stoppers, but two parts that I've had no luck finding are ...

1) the "Electra 225" emblem/insignia that goes on the rear trunk lid. I believe it's identical to the two that are on the rear qaurters.

2) The radiator coolant overflow tank. I have the original, but it's ugly.

Hoping someone has these parts ... or some input on where I may find.

Thank you, Dick

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You might head on over to the Buick Club of America area of these AACA-hosted forums and repost this message. Your existing log-in will get you there.

Click on "AACA Forums" above, when that page comes up, scroll down to the Buick area. Then click on the "Post War" forum, plus the "Wanted/For Sale" area, too.



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Guest dads_70_225conv

Thank you Dave for the great pic. Hopefully my 70 will look that nice in about two more weeks ... almost done.

The insignia is different on the 70 ... looking something like this ...


Thanks again and regards, Dick

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Guest Dick Whittington

Have cleaned the overflow tanks with pure strenth Simple Green, Purple Stuff, any cleaner of that type. Just fill the tank about 1/4 and keep sloshing around. It will remove most of the crud inside the tank. The tank will be somewhat yellowed from the aging of the material.

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Guest dads_70_225conv

To Dick Whittington,

Just read you suggestion concerning the overflow tank. After someone sent me an email yesterday offering a used one for sale @$150 plus shipping costs, I stopped by the body shop to pick up my old one. Brought it home, and cleaned it with plain old soap, water, and elbow grease. For something which looked real ugly ... it cleaned up beautifully ... kind of like me on a good day. It's fine and will look great under the hood.

... and good name BTW.

- - - - - - - - - - -

To Dave Mellor,

Another nice pic ... and you can see the emblem difference. Where are the pics coming from? You know these cars? ... or just pulling from the net??

Thanks for the sends.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

To all readers,

Still need the trunk lid emblem for my '70 225

Thanks guys, Dick Burke

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