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About ~ 1989 (+/_ one year) I purchased a 1928 "L" Lincoln from a man in California. It was from an ad in the AACA magazine. I am trying to establish as much provenance as I can for my car. I can't find the AACA "Antique Automobile" from which I found the ad. I believe the seller's name was C.C. Holmes (Cebert?). Can someone give me the issue of the "Antique Automobile" which the ad was placed? I believe the car spent all of it's life in California prior to my acqusition. I know it was used in at least one movie of which I have a copy; that movie is "The Kansas City Masacre". Was it in more? The serial # of my car is 49600. It was originally sold by the Edward Lowe Motors Co. of either Sacremento or San Francisco. Do any of you readers know or have info on this dealer? Any info would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Harry, Last I heard Cebert was not well. I would try him as well as Jack Passy, as he will surely know any west coast Lincoln. Both of them were part of the core of car collecting from the early days in San Francisco. Few others from the old days are still with us. Good luck. Ed

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Thanks guys.............As far as I know the body on my "L" is a Ford. As I understand it was originally designed by Ray Dietrich for Lincoln/Ford (~1924) and produced in quantity by them as a standard body until Lincoln/Ford took over production. It is a type 147A seven passenger sedan.

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From the 1929 RL Polk city directory for San Francisco


Lincoln Motor Cars.

2001 Van Ness Av

corner Jackson,

Phone: WA Inut 2000

See also: http://ohp.parks.ca.gov/pages/1054/files/van ness auto row.pdf



Service De Luxe


We operate only the latest models of commodious Cadillac Cars.

Our drivers take a personal interest in your pleasure and comfort.

They are courteous, obliging and at your service at all times.


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