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What is with the AACA email


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I never received my 2010 HPOF Brass Tag for plaque for Hershey last year so I thougth I would email the awards person listed on the AACA Contact Us list to get one. I when on the website and got his email address and sent a note. Everything was fine so far. A day or so later I got an email back saying it was not deliverable.

Sounds like their inbox is full.

Every day for the next week or so I got the not deliverable email. In the mean time I sent a duplicate email to the AACA General address and started getting another not deliverable message so now I was getting two of these emails per day.

Next I sent the AACA Director an email saying that I believe they have an issue with the email system, but guess what. Yes I then started getting an email from the director stating his email was not deliverable.

If someone from the AACA headquarters reads this could you let me and anyone else trying to email you what the issue is.



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????!!!!! Not sure what the issue is as we are getting hundreds of emails with no problem. No mailbox is full. Since you are local please call Monday (or this morning until noon) and ask for Lynn 717-534-1910 and she will fix the problem.

Wayne, we are not closed today! Staff is here on Saturday to help late Hershey requests.

Actually Lynn figured out who you are and the HPOF chip has been sent out this morning

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