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1948 Buick Super 4DR

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I bought this car in 1997, at the time I owned an Auto Repair Shop. The first thing I did was to strip the frame, underbody, etc and coat it with a rust preventative chemical and then painted it with black enamel.

I sold my shop in 2000 and the car has been in a garage stored since then. I have other cars and even though I like this a lot, I can't get to putting it back together.

Its current state is that it had a strip and paint done in 1999 Chrystler Black Cherry base/clear. I did not reinstall all the trim and lights after the paint job.

If you are interested read on to see what needs to be done to have a nice 48 Buick Sedan of your own.

About 1/2 of the stainless is off the car yet. The lights have not been reinstalled. All the glass has been replaced. The interior has been redone; new seats, rugs, trunk rug, headliner (has a few minor stains but I think they will come out with a cleaning), etc.

The paint has a few chips in the hood line but is very nice otherwise.

I redid the clock and speedo but have not reinstalled them.

The radio has been redone including installing an FM tuner in the original radio which is controlled with the original power switch. (new still in the box)

It has good brakes and new WWW Tires correct size.

The engine runs well, no oil burn.

The gas tank has been redone, coated and has a new sending unit.

I will be performing a tune up, installing the new tank and battery in the next two weeks.

The trans is a std 3sp on the col and the clutch is good.

I have pretty much all the stainless (some duplicates), etc.

I have the lights, etc.

The car came to me complete and I kept pretty much everything. And, I purchased some replacements for questionable items.

The original bumpers are not great, but I have them and a rechrome is not out of the question.

The interior trim has been stripped and repainted grey with blue pearl. The door panels are done in the same grey tweed that the seats are but are not yet installed to the doors.

Bottom line this car would be perfect for someone who loves Buicks, wants to restore one and can do these finishing tasks. The big stuff is done.

It is not a perfect car but it is a very nice car with tremendous potential.

I will check this forum at 7PM evenings and you can email me if you are actually interested.

I know you want pictures and would be happy to send them to a seriously intersted person. I have not taken them but have the camera, etc: just have not had time yet.

I am posting this now as I made this decision today and don't want this car to sit any more: I want it in the hands of someone who will enjoy and complete it.

I have about $14000.00 in it and would be happy with $8500.00 for someone who would compete the restoration and be happy with this 48 Buick Super.

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CAN you folks help place this Buick? I will wash it and take some pictures this weekend. It is the color of the 50 Buick on the front page and would look as nice when finished.

Thanks.... I would trade for a Chev/GMC Pickup...48-55 1st Series...would need to be in good shape.

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This weekend I finally was able to get to "the tune-up". After sitting for a few years I replaced the ignition parts and fuel filter, etc.

I primed the carb and the Super Eight fired off like a rocket. It idled so smoothly that you could hardly hear it run: you know that old straight eight purrrrr.

Next I am going to replace the anti-freeze and stat. This is nice.

You never know, I am liking it more every time I work on it and even though the wife says I have too many cars, I might keep it if no one wants a GREAT 48 Super!

Best of Fall to all - Steve...

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