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FREE! '92 Park Avenue Taillight Panel Assembly


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Yours for the cost of packaging and FedEx Ground shipping from 20886 (to US addresses only!), '92 Park Avenue panel assembly (fits '91 - '96, I think, not sure when style changed), this is one piece that goes across the rear of the car, has taillights, backup lights, tag lights... left lens is cracked (about 1-1/2" curved) but usable, one of the 10 mounting studs is broken. Goes with a second assembly that's missing the left lens... must take both, gets thrown out on Labor Day weekend. I can provide pictures but it's free, what do you care what it looks like! :) I did sign up for email notification of thread replies, but the best way to reach me is email oldsdoug at hotmail dot com as I'm not on here much any more.

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