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Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise August 20th


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Guest carlbraun


I took my Ram Air IV Judge to the Dreamcruise a couple of years back...had the car shipped to my buddies house in Bloomfield Hills from San Diego and fulfilled my dream of cruising woodward ave in a GTO.

While I was there I saw cars were everywhere but the only thing I was concentrating on was my temp guage as cars crawled along woodward at a snails pace. The car got HOT so be ready for that if youre headed over there. Have fun and bring a bag of ice for the top of the radiator.

In the words of "Mr Detroit" Bob Seger.....

"All the cars are cruisin Woodward Avenue....Go ahead and pass em...they'll smoke you if you do"


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Not sure if I'd go back again, I took my 69 Skylark in 1995.

It was crowded then and it is probably more so today!

Mount a electric fan and use water-wetter because you will crawl from 8 Mile

to 13 Mile! There were many cars along the side of the road with steam billowing out of the up-raised hoods.

But it is surely a great time!!

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Guest Kahuna28

I'll be there Today (and possibly Friday) and Saturday. It will be the first time for the Riv so I wanna christen her... The weekdays are better for cruising, Saturday is better for spectating, it is definitely an event. I really hope to see some of you guys there, I think I saw 1 Riv last year, we need more!!

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For those looking for an alternate venue, try the Flint Back to the Bricks show, which is the same day as Woodward (tomorrow!).

B2TB is actually a 2-week celebration, culminating in the final show tomorrow. The first week consists of tune-up parties each night at a different city around metro Flint area. The 2nd week started with a FREE drive-in Movie, then 2 days of rolling cruises, and then tonight is a band concert party with food, events and of course a car show, right in downtown Flint (that's where the bricks come from). See the link below for a full schedule of events.

Actually, it is purposely done on the same day as WDC... we do get a lot of participants, vendors and cars come up from the south because WDC is getting too big.

Back to the Bricks Cruise Weekend | Flint, Michigan

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