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Steering wheel "wander"

What is a "poly engine"?  

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The referenced adjustment is just ONE adjustment, but also the one most-attempted.

As you turn the steering column shaft, under the hood, note if it might move "in or out" of the gearbox on the input side of the gearbox. There's an adjustment there, but many are not aware of it. Usually takes a spanner wrench or similar to do it.

The referenced admustment (slotted stud and lock nut) can help too, as that's another wear point to be adjusted. Do NOT get it too tight or the steering wheel will not return to center from a turn on its own. Still, there can be some "slack" in the steering when it's adjusted properly.

Do NOT forget about the other wear points in the steering linkages!!! Pitman arm, tie rod ends, drag link joints . . . NOR front wheel bearing adjustments!

When the factory service manual is not specific on something, that usually means there is a more specific manual somewhere else. Like the instruction/repair manual for '56 Chrysler which dealership technicians would have received when they went through that particular instructional course. OR the manual sent to dealerships for the appropriate repair techs to read and learn about how to do it.

As that power steering gear was new in '55, that might be the model year when such service tech information would have been sent out. In that case, the only mention in the '56 service literature would have been any upgrades or changes for the '56 model year.

Perhaps you might find a MOTOR Repair Manual (for '55 and later) that would have the complete service information for that particular power steering system?



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Guest 1938RC

Don't forget to add Steering Shaft Insulator at the connection of the gear box and the steering columm. It's a rubber piece that can ware. Look up "Gary Goer's" he may sell them.

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As I recall, in order to "do it according to factory procedures", you'll need an inch-pound torque wrench to check the effort coming "off of center" at the steering wheel. Possibly another sort of torque wrench to check efforts at the pitman shaft, too? In one aspect, I think they even recommend taking the steering gearbox off of the vehicle. I don't ever recall seeing a dealership technician do any of that. It could well be that in the archived Chrysler Master Technicnan Service Conference training materials archived at Online Imperial Club (OIC) for Imperial, Chrysler Imperial, and Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Enthusiasts, you might find that particular tech course on steering gearboxes.

General Diagnosis of Your (Chrysler) Imperial's Power Steering is a general diagnostic list

Master Technician Service Conference - Chrysler's Training for Mechanics is the list of archived items, then scroll down to "1955" (first year for the new body series platform) and then to "087 Servicing the 1955 Coaxial Power Steering Unit" Then scroll down to "1956" and check out "101 . . ." and "105 . . ." for more steering gearbox items. From reading these descriptions, I suspect they'll answer all of your questions about what to do and how to do it.



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