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Glass lens for Essex Super Six

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I have a Tilt Ray lens with bezel that looks to be the same diameter. You can see a picture of it on my web site at Home Page just click on the Misc. page and scroll down to it. If you think you can use it I will get a measurement, have a look and let me know? Thanks!

Carl E.

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Thanks for all advises. Will check.

To Series 19: I am not quite sure if it is 100% Essex Super Six but friend of mine asked me to help to find the other lense for his Super Six headlamps and sent me this as pattern. So may well be his headlamps are not original. In middle of Europe we never know for sure.

To 58 Edsel: I see yours is of different pattern, rather similar to that one I have on my 1928 Buick. What is the size?

To keiser31: I am not able to read all writings on the lense (out of pictures my friend sent me), on the top (right hand side here) is says "DESIGNED FOR MAZDA LAMP....".


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