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I found an abandoned 1934 Auburn!

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I have identified it as a 1934 652Y cabriolet. I understand there where only 6 produced?

here is the link to my thread with a few bad pics


I will be working hard to find the current property owner and rescue this car.

It is not complete; metal appears solid but i did not see any front fenders. Hood is warped and dash appears as if there was a fire in that area. No windshield frame.

Any ideas as to it's value in case I need to pay someone for it? (I know this question is subjective)

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AJ, I think you are close. It all depends how rusty the back of that body is. Personally I would err on the lower end. 34's are not as popular as 35-36's

and sixes are worth about 55-70 % of an eight. All that said, someone will build that car, hopefully not a rod.

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