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1917 Chevrolet parts for Sale

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I have what I think are some 1917 Chevrolet parts for sale. Have a NOS Rear Fender. It looks like maybe NOS , has some dents but no rust outs at all. Have also 3 used doors for a touring car. They are in great shape with no rust outs what-so-ever. I have also a starter that works and 2 extra starter housings. Since I am not completely sure of the year I can send measurements and pics. I got them from an estate that had a 1917 Chevrolet in it. I have made an assumption they might fit the same car. I have a fan/pulley/waterpump looking contraption. You can email me if needed. I will out of state for the next 2 weeks and will not be able to answer very quick. The doors have the inisde (original) covering and the wood trim inside the door is in outstanding condition. Email address is

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