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Looking for a few parts...

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I'm working on a few things on my TCs and thought I would see if someone out there had any of the following lying around:

'89 8V or 16V OR '90 16V fuel regulator threaded return pipe - there are two types of regulators for our cars - one has the return pipe as part of the regulator, the other is threaded to take a pipe with several bends to go to the fuel return hose. I'm looking for the latter, only need the pipe. If you have one on the regulator and don't want to take them apart (it's really tight) that's OK too.

Pair of original front struts - these are the ones from Fichtel and Sachs with the reinforcement plate on the side like this

16Valve TC

Non-working is fine - I'm going to take them apart for what I'm planning. The body, flanges and spring perch need to be good, not so much the shock rod...

The U-shaped black plastic air dam cover that fits in front of the radiator between it and the front bumper between the headlights

If anyone has the above and wants to get rid of them, please let me know and we can come to some arrangement.



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Wow! Nothing to offer, just reading your post 'cuz we're looking for a part too - but nothing as intricate as what you're needing. If you can find a particular fuel pipe, surely we will be able to find a left rear tail light lens. Best O'Luck...

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