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Cadillac Vin Plate Location ?

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should be on the driver's door post

I forget about 1964 Cadillac but know that the white plastic plates screwed into the 1959 / 1960 era Cadillac driver door jamb are oil change reminders, NOT vin plates. They are often broken, damaged, lost and are easily switched.

The correct location for 1964 Cadillac VIN is top of the left frame support next to the radiator support.

It should be a series of numbers preceeded and followed by an asterisk such as: *64K123456*

You will probably have to clear accumulated grease, dirt, surface rust with a wire brush to read.

The VIN number is also on the top surface of the engine block, forward of the valve cover on the left side.

Listing of 1964 Cadillac engine serial or vehicle identification number series: Image: Gen Info - 6

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Hi, just to clarify - The white plastic tag on the B post is both the engine number and the VIN. They were the same in those days. Cadillac engine number (VIN) is not on top but is on the left side of the engine between the freeze plugs just above the oil pan. This is very difficult to see when the engine is installed. I have also seen cases where the frame VIN is on the right side as well. I'm not sure which engine has a number in front of the LH (driver's ) valve cover. I know Chevrolet has there's on a boss in front of the RH cover on the cylinder head.




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