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Need some help with values of some old cars left to me on fathers death

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Go to ebay and check the completed auctions- it will give you a good sense of true value.

Ebay now does not charge on the listing end, but the selling end. Set a decent reserve and away you go.

You will do much better then CL and have far less tire kickers wanting it for free.

Good Luck!

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I have to disagree with you on using ebay as a reference. When you look at the bidders history, you will find that shilling is a common practice, reguardless of setting a reserve price or not. I have got burned on 2 auctions for '32 Fords I supposedly "won", only to have the seller tell me that the car was sold before the auction ended, etc,etc.

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WOW I just learned something.

How long ago did Ebay drop the listing charge for selling a car? Last time I listed a car for sale it cost me forty bucks or so.

It is a shame that there is scamming going on on Ebay, I think for the most part people are honest. If the seller wont talk to you by phone then be wary.

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Like I told you before there are more 'Tire kickers' that buyers. Honest I wish you luck but be ready for a ton-0-BS and time wasting. In the end I had the luck of a friend telling another friend that didn't know it was for sale ........ he ran over and brought it in a heartbeat.

I wish my friend wanted a coupe I'd tell him about yours Honest

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Hi all

Ive changed my mind on a few things. This has become a circus in the last week.

I now have the car listed for $28000 FIRM and I have some much better pictures. I pulled out the car and verified that the engine turns over. I also have some pics of the frame and underside of the fenders. The only rot I found was where the drivers running board meets the rear fender and its not that bad.

Check out the new pics on the Hemmings ad.


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