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'40 and '41 steering wheels

Keith L.

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For the legions of zephyr fans out there that want to know the difference between the ’40 and ’41 Zephyr steering wheels.

Many think the only difference between the two is that the ’41 have three notches or cutouts where the horn ring goes to accept the new-for-that-year chrome horn ring, the color is lighter ,the ’41 has a new horn button and gone is the translucent red wheel for the Continentals. Well there are several differences other than those. The ’41 horn ring (with the metal insert) is slightly larger than the ’40. The ’41 has a longer metal shaft, about 1/4” longer. The longer length is needed to accept the new turn signal mechanism. The three small holes on the ’41 base are offset to the right to clear the chrome horn ring mounting on the horn ring.

Why is this knowledge coming to you? Well it’s self-serving. As a few of you know I’m in the middle of making molds for the ’41 steering wheel to recast, and I thought I could use the same mold for both years. Just fill in the cutouts on the ’41 and viola!, I would now have a ’40 mold.

I can not use a ’40 core to recast a ’41 wheel

Now I need to find a pristine ’40 wheel to make a mold. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Attached are two photos showing the underside of the two years and outlining the differences.

If you wish to be on a “interested” waiting list, let me know. The big question I am asked is …the price. Well I’m anticipating the price will come in under $500 each, depending on the number of interested Zephyr folks.


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Keith here. Pete, here's what I did. Attached are some pixs to show you the way I repaired my wheel. Because the center hub was so egg-shaped I cut it up into small chunks using a Dremmel. I took the small pieces and formed them around a disk I made then glued them into place using epoxy. I had to do this to both sides of the steering wheel. Hours and hours of labor, but then I didn't have a lot of money for a recast wheel, and beside I wanted the challenge. After the small parts were positioned and glued, I bondoed the whole mess and started shaping it into the correct shape. Then primer and used modeler's paint to match the tan color. I used model spray paint because they have a wide variety of colors in tan, (desert tank color, ME109 tan, etc.) unlike home depot.

It looks like your wheel is also egg-shaped. You can't just fill in the gaps. the horn button hub won't fit and the whole thing will look goofy.

If you have the time and patience you can do what I did...or... wait until I finish the '41 mold I'm making get on my "interested" list for a recast '40 wheel.

Send me your email and I'll send you a price list of all my Lincoln Zephyr reproduction items.




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