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Body on rotisserie setup...

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Anybody out there mount a 54-55 body on a rotisserie and have pics?

I'm looking for the closest center of gravity position prior to mounting on my almost finished rotisserie....

It can save allot of time and aggravation if someone out there was able to find the center-line for balanced rotation.

Ultimately I'm gonna guess but it sure would be nice to pull some experience from a "been there done that". ;)


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That helps....looks like only about 4 inches up from the mounts is the center of gravity but that is a convert. Another inch or so would allow for the roof?

I'm trying to avoid the adjustable height on the rotation assy, If I have to I will allow for a little more height and use some shims/spacers to allow for balance.

Great pics..thanks

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We have a lot of pictures of my '54 Buick 2dr. Special Riviera Special on a rotisserie on Facebook. See Tip Plus Corp. dba Tp Tools & Equipment - Company - Canfield, OH | Facebook and then click on "Wall" on left side of page - many pictures. Arrow down until you find the 1954 Buick restoration. If you can't find them, send me a message and I will forward some pictures tomorrow, or first of next week. I will have to ask our body man about the centering, as this is beyond my scope. Here are three pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, we have our hands full.





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Here are 4 more pictures that might show the rotisserie mounting better. Also some pictures taken last week to show that we are making some progress. Car has been painted, sanded and buffed and reassembly process started. We had to take a couple days off this week to paint our car show display trailer, as it needed to be spiffed up for Hershey.










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Thank you very much for those Fred....looks like the CG is right at the floor pan seam trans tunnel as it meets up with the firewall.

The one used in the pics is fully adjustable for different cars. It lifts the whole pivot and it can change the height of the car in relation to the pivot hence allowing you to balance to car for smooth rotation.

To simplify my build I want to just have it lift at the pivot only and leave the other centering adjustment rigid...shim a little if needed.

I'll be sure to post pics when I'm done and rotating....

Thanks for the great pics....looking amazing, your progress is astounding!

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