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Front Bumper Clearance 73 Riv

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In comparing the two 73 Riv's I own I just noticed a 2" difference in the front bumpers and how far they sit from the fenders, headlight bezels etc. The white 73 Riv I just bought has a 2" clearance and the maroon 73 Riv I have had a while has a 4" clearance. The hydraulic cylinders behind the maroon Riv bumper are different from the white Riv.

Pictures below illustrate the condition. There is a 2" metal closure piece on the white car and a 4" black metal closure piece o the maroon car. Also shows a 2" and 4" distance from the peak of the grill.

I have not tried to research this in my assembly manual but anybody familiar with this condition and could shed some light on the differences?


Chuck Nixon







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What is the build date? Could be a early 73! 1973 was the frist year for the 5mph bumper with new shock adsorber. It was my understanding that this was standard on all 73's. 73 and 74 share the same bumpers. Your car could have been in a accident and if they used a 71 or 72 could be the differeance. If i remember the red one looks correct it has been years since my boattail. Just a few thoughts

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The red one has same measurements as my 73. The absorbers on the white one might be broken.

If those the absorbers are missing the bumper would be even more towards the grill than the white Riv IMO.

A 73 without absorbers:



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